On July the 7th 2007 a young musician took his first steps southward from John O’Groats, intent upon walking solo the entire length of the United Kingdom. What makes this journey all the more unusual, is the travelling companion that was to accompany him every step of the way. A drum, that was to be played once every eight steps for the whole journey. A journey that would take him, through fen and forest; mountain and moor; sorrow and loss; across a thousand miles of countryside and ultimately bring him to his goal of Land’s End.



  1. Good Morning. Thanks for stopping and talking with us this morning about your journey and many other intrests. Ms Karen asked for your website on your walk so I thought as long as I was here I would leave you a quick note as well.

    News is traveling around the school regarding the song you wrote for Isabel’s class and many have requested an encore or a chance to see you out with a band. If you would be willing to come back or email us when you may be playing (I know Feb 4th… somewhere 🙂 ) that would be great.

    Thanks Again

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