Posted by: onemanonedrum | September 21, 2010

Injury Time

From highs to lows. Everything had been going so well I had been training hard, running over 45 miles a week with some time spent in the pool slowly building my technique. Now look at me I am stuck doing core work because I can’t run up hill, it is so frustrating. I have been off the road for almost three weeks now and I am going crazy. I know that hamstring injuries are not to be taken lightly but this is so frustrating and now I am getting deja vu, I feel as though I have written this all before and it turns out that I have. I say again ‘it sucks to be injured’. To top everything, the second day after arriving in Seattle I sprained my ankle. Should I constantly walk around with joint supports on? Aaaargh!

Okay, lets look on the bright side, at the silver lining and any other metaphor that will lift my spirits. My core strength is increasing, I am just having to be really careful with my American diet so as not to drown in HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup). Stretches are slowly increasing and the pain is almost gone. I am going to lay down a gauntlet and say that on Monday the 27th of September I am going to recommence my training. I have eight weeks until the Seattle marathon and I am damn well gonna make it!



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