Posted by: onemanonedrum | May 18, 2010

It’s Official!

Well, one thing is official anyway. My pool training has begun.

I had planned to swim the English Channel in the summer of 2010. Well the summer is fast approaching and I have done a tonne of training, unfortunately only a small portion of it has been done in water and I don’t think that I can count running in the rain. Traveling in America hasn’t allowed me an opportunity for water training. Instead I opted to build my general fitness by running which lead to the completion of the Kirkland Half Marathon and hopefully the Seattle Marathon in November.

Today I entered the pool for the first time. I didn’t want to push myself and believe me, I didn’t. 64 laps of the Tottenham Green Pool would be enough to complete an entire mile. I, on the other hand, completed an impressive 20 laps. If you do the math, that is a staggering 500m. No please, there is no need for applause. Really there isn’t. I will optimistically look at this as a good start and can safely say that the only way is up. The only worry I have is combining my running regime with my new swimming schedule, not that I have organised one.

I am working on a new mantra “Take it slow and listen to my body.”


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