Posted by: onemanonedrum | July 9, 2007


I wake after a horrible nights sleep waking up every hour for no reason at all!

Its a beautiful morning outside which spirs me on I get up and make some rice for breakfast! william has dried my trousers and charged my phone! Legend!

I pack down my tent and prep to leave! I have to pop into wick to pay the cheques in that I got at the Musician. I check the balance £10 awesome and I only have about £20 in by pack I need sunscreen and bug repellent not that my bodies own odour wont kill anything within 5ft!

Oh well it could be worse I have food, I have my tent and I almost have my health! The knee feels better not perfect but better!

Leaving Wick I pass the Caithness Courier office so I drop in to do an interview.

I meet Mark again he has been using Wick as a base camp for his first few days running away then coming back and staying in a B&B. I dont know if I could do that, I prefer to stay where I stop and continue on in the morning to the next place going back and forth over the same ground just sounds like punishment to me!

The sun is out and I feel like a packhorse (I didnt want to say ass)At the top of the hill coming out of wick I decide to take a break and check my phone now it is fully charged! Joanne from the press and journal had left a message trying to organise a photographer to come out to me, i call her back and we arrange for him to drive out and catch up with me I’m not hard to find Man With Drum!

Half an hour later a 4×4 cuts infront of me and out jumps Robert MacDonald the photographer! he takes a few snap and I ask him how far it was to Lybster, his response was ‘about 10 miles’ ohh!

I tried to have a nap outside a house near Bruan but road works and traffic stopped me!

The views over the coastline are stunning! Out to sea i can spy the wind farm that is being constucted!

Arriving in Lybster was tough. My mantra was now ‘I think I can, I know I can’ (Dumbo: Walt Disney 1941) I make it to the Post Office where I ask if there is anywhere I can pitch my tent. The lady calls someone asking if I can Pitch my tent down by the harbour? The reply comes back yes but not on the nochi pitch!

After being shown down to the harbour by her son I find out that the harbour (other than the nochi pitch) is just concrete slabs or gravel! I pitch on the concrete slabs and prepare for and uncomfortable night!

I have to trudge back up the hill to check my messages as there is no signal in the deep valley  of the harbour!


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