Posted by: onemanonedrum | July 8, 2007

No Bloody Way

0700 my alarm wails!

I roll over peering out the zip of my tent and see what I can already hear and have heard for the past 24hrs! RAIN!

I zip up and roll over knowing that all my gear is still sodden and my knee aches from the gymnastic manouvre the day before! I make a plan to find a laundrette and dry everything out!  my shoes are going to be the major problem and my trousers are line dry only!

Theres a laundrette near the harbour, the weather begins to calm down the rain stops so around midday I venture over to the harbour! dry my clothes and come back my trousers are still soaked but william offers to dry them over night at home!

My tent neighbours are a musical family the eldest son is a drummer so I give him the professional question and show him a few tricks!

In the end a relaxing day the sun has come out i allow my shoes to dry out side and prep for the next day!

Lybster here we come!


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