Posted by: onemanonedrum | July 6, 2007

Travelling Up

Well here I am in WICK, 18 miles south of John O’Groats I have travelled up here by train and it has taken me over 14 hours! I have to catch the bus to John O’Groats in the morning and then start my JOGLE.

On the journey through to Birmingham I realised that there was a bunch of stuff I’d forgotten to take with me (never move just before a big adventure – moving is a big adventure)  I bought a crappy travel pillow (the ones that you wrap around your neck – they are rubbish!) thought it may come in handy over fourteen hours, it did! It was used to garot me all the way up! realised that I’d forgotten to pack any pants! error! so at 8.20 on a friday morning I’m running around B’ham station trying to find somewhere that sells pants and is open! Don’t worry I find some!

I catch my train to Glasgow sitting first next to a lady who didnt seem to mind sitting next to someone who honestly wasnt smelling his best! A few minutes in i realise that everyone had packed themselves into the first available seats and the other half of the carraige was empty so I grab myself an availble table seat and spread out aquiring the seat opposite for my feet! Slap on my ipod with the BBC radio play of The Lord Of The Rings (12 hours worth) and try to catch up on some well needed sleep!

The journey passes quite steadily with me drifting in and out of conciousness! I meet a few nice people with whom I pass the time chatting about my journey and theirs.

At Glasgow I have to switch stations and catch the train to Perth.  The train is rammed! I grab a flip down seat hugging my gear so it doesnt fall on any small children.

At Perth its off the train again and on to another to Inverness which as I’m walking I meet Friea a lovely american sounding swedish scott! We chat about my proposed travels and we talk about how she wants to do the ley line walk in spain! I try and spir her on “I you want to do it just go! otherwise you’ll just put it off!”.  She dismebarks after about half an hour leaving me with another hour and a half! This journey just goes on!

Inverness! I run across the road to Blacks asking if they have an alarm clock for sale Ben the assistant gives me his as his boss bought him two that day to try and get him into work on time!

Back on the train to Wick. Lots of stops and starts but finally at 2210 we arrive in wick, I’ve already prebooked a pitch at the wick campsite where I arrive ladden with food shopping set up my tent and crash setting my alarm for D-Day tomorrow!



  1. Welcome to the U.S! Amazing stuff. I am left speechless. I admire your determination, vision and strength.

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